Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Watched my "first Tamil movie at a theater" last evening; befittingly it was at Chennai (Mayajaal). The movie - Mynaa, predominantly a love story, is not a genre I enjoy/prefer watching; but went for it, with office colleagues,  because there was nothing better to do!
It turned out a lot better than expected. Although the core theme of the movie is typical and guessable, it's the little bits of humour (almost till the very end)  and subtleties that  I enjoyed the most. The acting was definitely above par as well, even the supporting cast (esp. the role of the warden). Being a love story, the movie not just brings out the love/trust/relationship between the lead couple but also between the supporting cast, and contrasts it beautifully! And the locale -Munnar-(wanna go biking there someday!) deserved a better theater/screen (Side note: Expected much better out of Chennai's premier multiplex!). The background score/ music complemented the movie for most parts although songs turned up at the most unusual of places, rather too frequently. The climax was as sudden and dramatic in contrast to the rest of the movie which was easy paced.
My take: If I have taken the pains to write so much on a movie, it is definitely worth a watch :D Deserves more credit/viewer ship than some of the big-ticket releases   (You know which ones I'm refering to :D)

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